Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sound artists Ross Hagen and Jim Permanent present unique mixes of technology, 7:30 p.m. Saturday, April 10, ATLAS Black Box

"This is my first full-on, immersive, surround-
sound show; I'm pretty pumped about it!"
--Composer/sound artist/performer Ross Hagen

CU College of Music instructor, doctoral student, composer and sound artist Ross Hagen will perform his original works in a surround-sound concert.
Using a combination of acoustic instruments with analog synthesizers, hardware effects units and manipulated field recordings, his sounds will provide audience members with a unique, immersive acoustic experience.
Hagen, under the name "encomiast," has released nine full-length collections on various labels since 1999. One project was featured on a variety of compilations, incorporated into film music and performed live.
A reviewer commented on one of Hagen's works:
". . . [his work] is downright frightening, all creaking moaning low end, deep ominous rumbles, all manner of tiny sounds drifting up out of the inky blackness, cold and sinister, abstract and ephemeral, the overtones drifting like lost specters, voices moan and bellow, the natural room sound [is] as much an instrument as anything else.
"These deep dark drones totally evoke the spirit of that haunted space. . . submerge yourself in these seemingly bottomless sounds." Learn more about Ross Hagen's sound art and his pseudonym encomiast.

Jim Permanent, "turntapelist,"
presents his sound art

Jim Campbell (aka Jim Permanent) calls himself a "turntapelist, for lack of a better word." Inspired by proponents of experimental work with vinyl, both avant-garde and hip-hop, he started to experiment with low-fidelity electronics, primarily relics of the tape age.
Over time, he moved beyond his drum kit and put together a new instrument, a "cassette scratch orchestra," composed of cast-off phrase trainers, self-made scratchbunnies, dictaphone, an analog cassette multitracker and piles of found and self-dubbed tapes.
Campbell works in a variety of contexts, improvising freely, scratching abstract-emotive tone poems on the fly. In addition to composing for theater and dance, he curates the innovative "baender bender" concert series in Dortmund, Germany. Also, he has collaborated with a diverse range of musicians. See his videos and hear his music and sound art.

Tickets are free. Seating is limited.
Reservations are recommended.

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Listen to sound artist Ross Hagen’s work
(under his pseudonym, “ecomniast”)

See sound artist Jim Permanent’s videos:

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